Friday, April 11, 2008

Liiiiiitle depressing

Kinda depressing to know that this is April and schools remain closed for two months, and there is no two-month-holiday for IT companies. huh?

The moment school closes on March 30/31, I will visit a cinema theatre in Tuticorin, watch a movie(like I am stressed out and I should relax) and catch a bus to Trichy; from there I will go to Thottiyam, a village on Trichy-Salem route, on 52nd Kilometer stone.

I will spend almost 85% of my holiday there, watch any movie (believe me... be it Kandan Karunai or Paasa Malar) screened in two screens (or, should I call it touring talkies?), play, eat and sleep with my elder cousin; the younger one was too small to play with (then).

Sometimes we walk along the canals of River Cauvery and "Feel" :)

Should go back and work for a school.