Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blogs I read, forums I visit

English is very convenient; 'read' in the title is both past and present tense.

Fake Steve Jobs -
John Gruber -
Joel Sposky -
Motherf**ker -
Prasanna -
Barath -

The last two: not just they are my cousins, I never knew that they are really really good in expressing what they intend to. Prasanna is blogging his poems - I remember him writing such things when he was at school. Barath is writing random stuff - so nice.

Fake Steve Jobs - Really speaking what Real Steve is thinking.

John Gruber - Read it.

Joel Sposky - 'Even if it is a slightly-no while interviewing, it is a NO' - The art of interviewing and software-engineering related stuff.

Mike Lee - I just love him. esp. Read the "How I became a programmer"

Forums: The MacResource forum ( Fun place to get along with fun people who speak random stuff; from 'how-to-fix-my-powerbook-now' to 'how-to-shift-gears-clutchless'.

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