Sunday, July 22, 2007

First blog!

Not really the first.

I definitely have another Blog address which I do not remember :)

Anyway, a word of caution: If you are scared of random articles written by people who are totally lazy, stay clear of mine !

This blog is here today because of my amerikki-cousin Prasanna ( and his bro Barath (; not that they WANTed me to write; am just jealous :)

Welcome me and congratulate me, y'all !


பரத் said...

Hi Gokul,
Welcome (back)to the bloggers world.
Try to recall your another blog url...and send it to me :)

//Kinda mid-life crisis currently :) //

ROTFL !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, u r scaring me a bit. Didnt know G (since we apparantely are not revealing names on the blogspot - well wait a minute bharath already has it out there in his comments) we knew was articulate.
A is right now saying my message isnt making any sense but whatever.
Did the recruit get to keep his job? And y'all missed this when you first interviewed him? If so my friend, the problem looks like is in more places than one.
RC 0-/\/\/\-||-0
(bcos i am first and foremost a geek)