Tuesday, July 24, 2007


People tend to write stuff, especially emails in a hurry. No problem with that, but please review.

We had offered a particular person, say, Mr. ABC an employment. He was supposed to join on 14th of May, but was not able to. Here is an example of how not to write:

I commited u thati am joining by today. The pressure of the project and commitment of mine is not completed. My replacement of mine joined and escaped by the project within 4 days.The whole project at my head. I will completing within 10 days.

I can able to join only on 28 th of this month.

If ur management can agress for my joining date, it will be perfect and good for me.

Please mail me. i will not be in postion to attend thecalls for this whole week.

This is body of a real email written by a real person. I still have a copy of it in my mailbox. Gosh!

I have not edited anything. The communication is presented to you as-is.

I will surprise you with more such crap in a phased manner.


I got an email asking:
Did the recruit get to keep his job? And y'all missed this when you first interviewed him? If so my friend, the problem looks like is in more places than one.

My response would is:
I did not want to be too obvious, but you nailed.

No, I did not interview the person. He was interviewed by somebody in top-HR for HR-Specialist role; whatever. And, he had kept this candidate on hold (for god-awful reason; this guy should have been a REJECT, right? For whatever reason, this guy did not join.

In the meantime, my immediate supervisor was hell bent to get this guy in for the aforesaid position in my project, and I was stiff as a board not to get him there. We got into unpleasant conversation, and based on a handful of such situations with this employer, I have quit the job now. I am currently serving my notice period and will soon join the 'other' company.

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